Interview Tips

Using the “Do you have any questions?” Question“But I’m Negotiable…” How to Prevent Crying During Your Technical Interview / How to (Partially) Control Your Technical Interview / “I Dunno” – Recovering From a Botched Technical Interview Answer, Post Mortem Tips To Overcome Ageism in Hiring as a Software Professional / What If We ____ Like We Hire Programmers? What Questions Are Appropriate? / Interview Prep For Geeks / TALK!  It’s an Interview, Not an Interrogation Blind Dating For Geeks:  Questions To Ask (and when to ask them) During Interviews / Why You Didn’t Get The Job How Employers Measure Passion in Software Engineering Candidates

Résumé Tips

So You Say You’re An Expert / What Your Six Page Resume Says About You (and your elegant code) / The Worst Developer Resume in the World / The Worst Developer Resume in the World Redux: Best PracticesWhy Technical Resumes Need a Profile (because we’re dumb)Don’t Make Me Read Your Resume (How to Apply to Jobs) / Why Your Résumé is Ten Pages / Why You Didn’t Get The Interview / Why You Didn’t Get The Interview, Part II / Tips To Overcome Ageism in Hiring as a Software Professional / How Employers Measure Passion in Software Engineering Candidates


The Future:  Polyglot Programmers / How Hackers Choose Tools (thoughts on Paul Graham’s “Java’s Cover”) / Lessons From A JUG Talk With Eric ‘ESR’ Raymond / Advice From A JUG Leader – Learn A Different Language / Advice From A JUG Leader II – Debate Breakdown Things Great Engineers (almost) Never Say

General Career

Job Searching on Mobile: You’ve Been Warned / Negotiating Offers That Meet Your Asking Price / Developer Happiness: What Makes Developers Happy? / Stupid Recruiter Tricks Vol. 3: The Phantom Client and Recruiter Conflict / Stressed? It’s Not the Industry, It’s Your Employer / How To Leave Your Job: Preparation, Resignation, and Transition / When Job Hopping Goes WrongIndependent Contracting – How to Get There / Job Security, Career Stability and Employability for Startups / Career Stagnation: Early Detection and Treatment / Exploding Job Offers and Multiple Offer Synchronization / How to Get a Job in a Different City / Who Needs Side Projects?How to Evaluate Job OffersHow to Level Up / How Ben Accidentally Became a Developer / How I Learned To Appreciate Job Hoppers / Counteroffers, Secrecy, and Fear / How to Succeed in Software Without a CS Degree / Homakov: Story of a White Hat / Why You are Overpaid / Would You Hire the CS Class of ’04 Today? / Boot Camps, MOOC’s and Jobs: A How-To For Fresh Devs / How and Why to Backdoor Into Jobs / Hiring Indicators, OSS, and the Value of GitHub / Hello World! What Every CS Student Should Know About the First Job / How to Network Less for Geeks / Salary Negotiation for Geeks / Why You Can’t Work for Google / Why You Took The Wrong Job / When To Leave Your Programming Job / Job Hopping for Geeks / Alternative Jobs For Bored Web/App Developers / Rethink Career Path / Why You Make Less Money / The Engineer’s Engineer / The Stigma of Tech Certifications (and their real value) / The Dangers of Book Learnin’ / Enterprisey Developers, Acronyms, and Discrimination / A Guide to Lifelong Employability for Tech Pros / Geek Independents Letter to ’12 Grads – How To Pick A Job And Mentor / Stop Crapping On Startups / I Heard That Company Was Horrible (three years ago) – Truth In Company Reputation / To The Programmer’s, On Programmers’ Day


Tips to Overcome Ageism in Hiring as a Software Professional / Overqualified is Overdiagnosed

Recruiting and Hiring

The Recruiter ManifestoSo You Want To Use a Recruiter Part I: Recruit Your Recruiter / So You Want To Use a Recruiter Part II: Establishing Boundaries / So You Want To Use a Recruiter Part III: Warnings / Why Hire Older Engineers / When You Can’t Compete on Salary: Tech Talent on a Budget / Would You Hire the CS Class of ’04 Today? / Recruiter Job Posts, Explained / LinkedIn Spam (?) and Recruiters:  A Guide for Geeks / Indicators of Talent and Heuristics For Software Engineers / Why The Recruiter Didn’t Call You Back / Why You Scared Off The Ninja / Why Recruiters Suck, And What You Can Do About It / How To Disrupt Technical Recruiting – Hire An Agent How To Disrupt Technical Recruiting II – So You Want Ari Gold?

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